Terms of Service FAQ

Last Updated: 27 September 2017


1. Is the same ToS for all cloud products used by Aspose also used for your other websites?

Yes! All products from all our websites that provide cloud APIs or apps use the same ToS. This reduces the time and complexity for legal departments in companies who utilize different sets of our APIs and apps.


2. Our legal department would like to make some changes to your Terms of Service. Is that acceptable?

Only basic changes to the ToS are accepted and at our discretion. Please contact us for further information.


3. Your Terms of Service refers to the grant of Publicity Rights. What does that mean? Can we opt out?

We list a small number of our customers on our website as examples of organizations using our software. If you do not want us to mention your company name at all, just contact us and we'll add you to our list of companies requesting not to be party to future disclosures or forms of publicity (including our customer lists on our website).


4. Your EULA refers to data that may be collected and stored. Can you provide more details? 

The only customer data that we currently maintain within our own internal systems is customer and transaction information (i.e. purchase history), as well as anything that you may (or may not) elect to share with us via our support system. Any application level data is stored either within your systems or within our secure servers. Read more about our Sub Processors and Security Practices.


5. Does Aspose make commitments to its customers with regard to the GDPR 

Yes, we are fully committed to compliance with the  requirements of the GDPR. Review our dedicated page on the topic and our legal policies for for information.